Frequently Asked Questions


One or more of the items you are attempting to purchase is no longer in stock and is no longer available for purchase.

Your bank or financial institution has declined the purchase and has not provided any details to us. Please contact your bank to see why the charge was declined. Alternatively, the address you entered as the billing address does not match the information provided by your bank. Please double check to make sure your billing address is entered correctly. If you have moved recently, please check with your bank to see which address is listed on file in order to proceed with your order.


We only manufacture medium width shoes.

Shoe sizes on our SUPRA Website are in European sizing or in British Sizing on the UK Website.

The size conversion from women’s to men’s shoes is 1.5 sizes down. If you wear size 7 in women’s, you wear a size 5.5 in men's. Women’s shoes generally are .5 size smaller, so if you normally wear a size 6.5, order a size 7.


SUPRA accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We do not accept any other methods of payment at this time.


At this time, we are unable to do exchanges. Please consult our Returns section for more information regarding returns. If you believe you have received defective product, please send images to customer service along with a copy of your receipt.


This means the transaction was declined due to the AVS or CCV results. AVS compares the billing address provided in a transaction with the cardholder's address on file at the credit card issuing bank. CCV compares the card code (a three or four-digit security code that is printed on the credit card) provided in a transaction with the card code on file at the credit card issuing bank. When enabled, both services return a code to the payment gateway indicating the results of the match. SUPRA immediately reverses all failed AVS and CCV credit card authorizations. This is not an actual charge to your credit card. The bank must release the funds hold back to your account. The time it takes the funds to be reversed depends on the issuing bank of your credit card.

Orders are processed for shipping on Monday through Friday. Orders placed before 8 am CET time will be processed on the same day. Orders placed after 8 am CET will be processed the following business day. SUPRA Footwear does not ship on national holidays or weekends.

If your product is defective in any way, please contact our Customer Support

Unfortunately, you may only ship to one address per order. If your order contains gifts or items that require shipping to multiple locations, you will need to place separate orders for each address.

At the time your order is placed, your credit card is pre-authorized and you will receive an confirmation email provided the email address you entered is accurate. Your card will be charged at the time your order is shipped. For orders placed in the EU or UK, your credit card will be charged at the time your order is shipped.

For all cancellations, please contact Customer Support.

We are unable to redirect orders once your items have been dispatched. Therefore, please ensure you provide a suitable shipping address for the specified delivery times.

SUPRA Footwear uses several measures to protect you from fraud. One of these measures is to check if the shipping and billing addresses provided during checkout are the same. If these addresses do not match, a customer service representative may contact the cardholder to verify the order legitimacy prior to it being processed. In some cases, this might delay the order processing if we are not able to reach the cardholder immediately. If the shipping address is not a confirmed address (the address on file with credit card company) and customer cannot be reached, the order might subject to cancellation and the money will be refunded back to the credit card.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email and tracking number confirming your shipment. You also can view the status of your order by signing in to your Account.