NOVEMBER 13, 2017
WE ARE SUPRA: Passionate ft. Lizard King

SUPRA pro, Lizard King, describes what makes him SUPRA PASSIONATE with a narration explaining the early influence of his father, motorcycles, fellow skateboarders and motor sport legend Travis Pastrana.

We sat Lizard down, and had a moment to really get to know his roots and passion points. SUPRA is here to tell the stories of the people who make this lifestyle great, and what better way to start than with the legend himself, Lizard King.

After the BEST chat with Lizard, we flew him out to Pastranaland for the most epic experience of a lifetime. Could you imagine having the opportunity to ride motorcycles/skate with a man you grew up watching at the X games? Crazy.

“Skating’s got passion, my family’s got the passion, my homies’ got the passion, pretty much everything’s got the passion. If it sucks, then obviously, it doesn’t have the passion.” Lizard King

Watch his story in the video above to live the ultimate dream with Lizard King and watch the passion come to life.

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