DECEMBER 22, 2017
Badwood x We Are Supra

L.A. has a way of bringing up badasses—Bold adventure-seekers who push the limits of creativity in unexpected ways. Natalie Wood, better known as Badwood, is no exception.

“I was born in L.A. and built my company from the ground up,” says the streetwear designer and fine artist. At 19 she was on a steady track to a career in SPFX makeup, when her path took her someplace a little more unexpected. “I started printing t-shirts and sweatshirts out of my parents garage. They were like, ‘what are you doing? Get your life together.’”

But what might have seemed like an overnight sensation was actually years in the making. “Before I had my clothing company I was actually doing street art. I’ve always been really inspired by the street art in L.A., the murals and the stencil art, specifically. I was messing around and came up with the ski mask. So I spray-painted it on a hoodie and people on Instagram were super hyped.”

That’s when it all started happening. Her signature ski mask showed up everywhere—from clothes rocked by celebrities to her signature Sharpie tattoos. And now Badwood’s unique style comes together with Supra in a limited edition sneaker with a design true to its birthplace. “Barbed wire is something that reminds me of L.A., that I’ve always liked the look of. It’s kind of rugged and the roses are delicate. Roses have been my thing forever, I doodle them on everything.”

It’s this combo of beauty and grit, influenced by the place she calls home, that has become how Badwood sees life and now, her designs. “Badwood is all about being genuine and being real, not censoring yourself, and doing whatever you want. Take your passion, run with it.”